Periodically I identify, curate and aggregate collections of whitepapers and eBooks that I think digital marketers and others interested in advertising and marketing-related topics would find interesting and useful. I have reviewed some of these whitepaper and ebook resources, while in other cases, I’m simply providing you with access points to the sources. The publishers of the whitepapers and eBooks often require you to register to access the free content. If they require this, I have indicated it alongside the resource provided.
In this post, there are resources including videos, ebooks and whitepapers related to mobile marketing, retailing trends, Kohl’s facts, digital marketing trends, visual content creation tools and online advertising metrics.

Mobile Marketing

Retailing – Trend Forecasts

  • Google Fashion Trend Forecast Spring 2015, Google (Downloadable)
    Google has entered into the apparel fashion forecasting business with a new service for retailers, manufacturers and fashion trend forecasters that dives into their search data for trend analysis on fashion.  The Spring 2015 forecast provided in this trends ebook includes results favoring midis, tulle skirts and jogger pants to name but a few trends.  Color trends are also included.

Retailing – Kohl’s

  • Kohl’s Fact Book Q4 2014, Kohl’s (Downloadable)
    Kohl’s released their Q4 2015 Fact Book with information of interest to financial analysts, investors and others covering the retail industry and Kohl’s specifically.

Digital – Advertising Analytics

Digital – Trends 2015

  • Digital Trends 2015, Microsoft, 2015 (Downloadable)
    Microsoft whitepaper exploring digital trends for 2015, looks at digital interaction by consumers and classifies and analyzes it in the context of buckets related to external exploration, internal control, individual performance and shared connection.

Visual Content Creation Tools

For additional whitepapers, reports and ebooks, see my other periodic blog postings on the subject featured here on the Web Chef’s e-Bytes. If you have a whitepaper you think would be worth sharing please let me know with a tweet @theWebChef or send me an email.

eBooks and Whitepapers

Digital Marketing eBooks and Whitepapers

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