the Web Chef - Paul GiblerPaul J. Gibler, MBA, “the Web Chef” will help your audience develop their “recipe” for strategic success. His keynote presentations, workshops or seminars give attendees takeaway ingredients to connect with their target audiences. Using a combination of education, entertainment and applied examples Paul “spices” up each presentation with its own unique flavor.  He delivers a range of digital, traditional marketing and presentation skills topics that can be customized for your audience and needs.

His delivery style and rich and relevant content will get things “cooking” at your event. Among the topics Paul presents are the following:

Digital Marketing Presentation Topics

Shake – Multi-channel Strategies to Build traffic
If you build, it will they come? This presentation provides a tutorial on the multi-channel options available for building traffic through techniques like search engine marketing (submission, optimization, keyword purchases), offline promotion, e-mail permission marketing, online advertising, blogs, social media, etc.

Bake – Building Online Customer Relationships
On the web, your competitors are only a click away. In this session, we’ll give you some recipes for using site C’easonings to optimize your site strategy by managing content, delivering customer service, optimizing site creative, building community and enhancing your e-commerce offering.

Create – Maximizing Brand Effectiveness and Response 
In this session, you’ll gain insights into online advertising’s role as both a branding and direct response medium. You’ll also learn about advertising standards, newer ad formats, technologies and placement strategies that are leading to growth in online advertising. You’ll explore rich media advertising, RSS ads and other new techniques.

Deliver – Using e-Mail to Build Your Business
Generating and avoiding “spam” has become a two way game between marketers and consumers. In this session, you’ll learn the “dos and don’ts” of effective e-mail marketing including building/managing lists, privacy issues, “spam laws”, creating your e-mail, increasing delivery rates, effective creative tactics, copy strategies to increase your open rates.

Engage – Content Marketing Strategies to Connect Owned, Earned and Paid Media
Content is king!  Content strategies require a balancing act of understanding content creation, cultivation, curation and context along with the delivery tools that will engage your customers.  Effective content strategists understand that leveraging your digital assets be they text, audio, video across platforms is a critical way to connect with customers.  In this session you’ll learn more about the lingo, the concepts, the tools and the techniques for effective content marketing.

Spyder Food – Maximizing Traffic While Building Your Brand
Search engines play an important component in your overall e-marketing strategy. In this presentation we offer tips on maximizing your search engine placements through key word purchases, pay-for-review submissions, search engine optimization (meta tag development, effective design) and other techniques to build your site traffic.

Buzz Networks – Social Media Marketing
Astute Marketers are integrating new media tactics into their marketing mix. Consumers and businesses are generating significant new content and delivering it through blogs, vlogs, wikis, podcasts, word of mouth marketing, social networks and webinars to name but a few of the emerging techniques. In this session we’ll explore some of the consumer driven trends in the use of these digital marketing techniques.

Tweet or Retreat – Twitter Marketing
Twitter has exploded as a social media tool.  In this session you’ll be introduced to techniques, tips and resources to make Twitter a more effective engagement tool.  You’ll find out about opportunities for using owned, earned and paid Tweets as part of your Twitter strategy.  In addition you’ll learn about some of the tools available for managing followers and analyzing engagement.

Pinterest – Visual Asset Accelerator
Saying it with pictures is another way to get your audiences attention.  They need to visualize your product or service be it one for primary use in the consumer market or the business market.  In this session, audiences will learn about Pinterest and ways to use Pinterest for content disseminaton,, for building engagement and for generating commercial results.

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  Marketing and Communication Topics

Brand Grate or Great? – Protecting and Building Your Brand
Your website is the window to your brand. Are you optimizing your brand with an integrated and cohesive experience at all customer touch points? If you aren’t, your brand could be full of holes and providing an inconsistent story and experience for your prospects and customers. In this session, you’ll learn some perspectives and techniques to help maximize your brand value.

From Melting Pot to Salad Bowl – Capitalizing on America’s New Demographics
Is your business fully cognizant of the rapid demographic changes taking place in America? We’ve gone from a melting pot where sub-cultures blended to today’s salad bowl where sub-cultures maintain their uniqueness. Today’s minorities are rapidly becoming a majority in certain markets. The aging baby boomers are creating unique opportunities and challenges and the twisters pose their own unique challenges. Why not learn how you can capitalize on these changes?

Future Trends – Capturing and Engaging with Tomorrow’s Direction
Understanding where you are today and what got you there is but one challenge a business faces in managing for results. Tomorrow’s successful businesses will be those that effectively identify, monitor and embrace the trends driving our increasingly globalized business world. In this session we’ll identify some demographic, technological, economic and cultural trends that you need to understand to drive your business forward. This session can be customized with regional or state projections to help you move forward.


Communications and Presentation Skills

Powerful Presentation Techniques (PPT) – PowerPoint and Presentation Skills
In this interactive session, you’ll be given tools and techniques to create a powerful presentation using PowerPoint and effective platform skills to frame your message and tell your story. This program is typically a multi-day engagement for a small group of professionals with a computer lab to allow for attendees to present in a safe environment.


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