In a brilliant example of social listening and real time marketing Kohl’s was able to latch on to the enormous goodwill generated by the hilarious “Chewbacca mom” Dallas-area Candace Payne whose Facebook Live video has been seen over 141 million times. Fortune reports that this makes the video the most widely watched in Facebook’s history.  Candace’s infectious laughter in the video is enough to brighten anyone’s day.  The video positively touts Kohl’s ease of returns and trendy merchandise like the mask.

Kohl’s social media team jumped on the bandwagon and used her popularity as a way to gain additional goodwill through a word of mouth campaign that acknowledged her story while providing the family with gifts of additional masks for Candace’s two children and husband along with $2,500 gift certificates and 10,000 points in its Yes2You Kohl’s loyalty marketing program. They captured the moment on video and tweeted it out with their current campaign hashtag #allthegoodstuff.

Digital marketing tracker reported that Kohl’s saw a spike their positive sentiment and record engagement with the brand as reported in their tweet yesterday.
Kohl's Word of Mouth

However, Kohl’s did miss out on the opportunity to leverage the popularity of the viral sensation on their Instagram account, with no reference or cross-posting of content to their account as can seen from this screenshot taken earlier today.

Kohl's skips Chewbacca viral moment  on their Instagram account

Kohl’s skips Chewbacca viral moment on their Instagram account

Kohl’s reported that the mask has sold out on their ecommerce site.