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Chewbacca Word of Mouth Pays Off For Kohl’s

Posted by on May 24, 2016 in Earned Media, Instagram, Online Reputation Managment, Owned Media, Retailing, social media listening, Social Media Marketing, The Web Chef's E-Bytes Blog, Word of Mouth Marketing | 0 comments

In a brilliant example of social listening and real time marketing Kohl’s was able to latch on to the enormous goodwill generated by the hilarious “Chewbacca mom” Dallas-area Candace Payne whose Facebook Live video has been seen over 141 million times. Fortune reports that this makes the video the most widely watched in Facebook’s history.  Candace’s infectious laughter in the video is enough to brighten...

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Nationwide Insurance Super Bowl Ad = Social Media Heat

Posted by on Feb 3, 2015 in Advertising - Social Media, Digital Advertising, Online Reputation Managment, The Web Chef's E-Bytes Blog, Twitter, Video, Word of Mouth Marketing | 0 comments

Nationwide Insurance has been getting a lot of social media heat for their Super Bowl Ad with the boy who will never learn to ride a bike, get cooties, marry or learn to fly.   At the time of this post almost 5 million people had watched the YouTube posting of the ad embedded below for your viewing pleasure. Beyond social media, other media pundits continue to argue about the effectiveness of the ad, with MediaPost’s Social Media Daily...

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