Does yourgrater organization have a well developed brand strategy or is it full of holes?

Brand Strategy – Brand Architecture

Do you have a defined brand architecture that lays out the respective positions of your company, service, product and feature brands or is your brand architecture out-of-control?

Do customers, employees and your market understand the hierarchy of your brands as implemented through your brand architecture?

Brand Strategy – Brand Identity

Have you implemented a cohesive and understood brand identity program?

Do your employees, vendors and business partners understand the identity program?

Brand Strategy – Digital Asset Management

Have you inventoried and set-up an effective digital asset management system for your brand’s visual assets – logos, product photos, infographics, presentations, other?

Brand Strategy – Customer Journey and Touchpoints

Have you identified and optimized your brand touchpoints throughout the buyer’s journey?

Do you need an outside audit of your brand touchpoints through all of your channels of communications – digital, print, telephone, in person, direct mail, etc?

Brand Strategy – Brand Equity

Have you thought how best to leverage your brand assets across markets, customer segments to maximize the value of your brand equity?

Paul Gibler, the Web Chef, has the corporate, consulting and teaching branding experience to help bring your brand to life.  He can help your brand go from “grate” to “great”!

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